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Table of Contents
  • Tesla Customer Service Information
  • Common Issues faced by Customers
  • Short Notes on Company & its Customer Service Team
  • Tips when Customer Service is not Satisfactory
  • Helpline Stock's Relations with Company

Official Tesla Phone Number

Contact Tesla Customer Service Team Quickly via Helpline Stock

Tesla Email Address:

  • Tesla does not have any official email addresses for its Customers. However, the company has an email address for:
  1. Store Contact email: OnlineOrders@tesla.com
  2. Press (North America): Press@tesla.com

Tesla Online Chat

Tesla Roadside Assistance:

Other Tesla 1800 Phone Numbers

  • Roadside Assistance (Toll-Free): 877 798 3752 (United States & Canada)
  • Sales Representative: 1 (650) 681-5100

Customer Service Hours

  • Chat Service is available 4:00 am - 8:30 pm PST  for all the owners in North America. 

Postal Address:

  • 3500 Deer Creek Road Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA

Contact a Live Expert Quickly:

  • Dial the Tesla Phone Number and press 2 to in order to be connected to the Tesla customer service department. Just wait online and a representative would be assigned to your issue.

Popular Issues of Tesla Owners in the United States

How do I Contact Tesla Store?

  • You can send an email to Tesla at OnlineOrders@tesla.com where it provides the service from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST, Monday to Friday. In case to get in touch with the sales representative you can dial 1 (650) 681-5100.

Does Tesla have good customer service?

  • Tesla customers have a satisfaction rating of 90% which makes it amongst the most loved car company in the United States. There are some cases where the customers are willing to wait for years to get Tesla Model 3s. This makes the company deliver excellent customer service.

Tesla Motors & its Customer Service Number in the USA

Tesla Inc. is American energy and an automotive company that is based on Palo Alto, California. The company is best known for its electric car manufacturing along with its subsidiary as SolarCity. The company has a main vehicle manufacturing plant named Gigafactory. It was founded in 2003 where it was joined by Elon Musk during initial funding. The company is popular for its products like Roadster, Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and Cybertruck (most recent product of the brand).

Since then, the company has a huge fan base and has the most satisfied customers in the automotive industry. The company has a separate customer care department that is contacted through the Tesla Customer Service Number to get guidance in case of an emergency and other relevant tips & offers. Customers can also connect the service center by connecting them through its Contact Us Page. The company makes sure to respond to its customer’s inquiries and provide the answers to their queries.

World-Class Help & Assistance from Tesla Phone Number

People make many plans while going on a long trip or their day to day transport habits. But it does not always go according to plan. Even a small electrical or mechanical failure of any part of your Tesla vehicle can create frustration for owners. During such cases, help & assistance from the company’s service department is just a call away. The Tesla customer care team takes care of every problem and helps the owners even when they are at home or outside looking for roadside assistance. You just need to contact the right department through Tesla Phone Number. The team is always available 24/7 to provide hassle-free care that includes :

  • 24/7 Onsite Service at home or at roadways during emergency
  • Recovery after a mechanical or electrical failure your Tesla vehicle
  • Quick recovery after an accident/collision of car/vehicle
  • Guidance on road in case of an emergency
  • 24/7 Maintenance Services from the service department
  • Detailed information about the Vehicle & its Warranty
  • Any other guidance from top experts via Tesla Phone Number

If the customers are looking for quick phone-based assistance, Tesla Customer Care Number is always the best platform to get easy help from the nearest authorized center of Tesla Motors.

What to do if Tesla Customer Service delivers Negative Results?

The Customer service department takes care of the owners by providing them the right guidance. Most cases received by Tesla Customer Service are solved by a team of professionals & experts with onsite assistance by the company if necessary. But, there are some cases where the problem is not solved by the representative. This can be due to an inexperienced or any other communication problem. This often becomes frustrating for customers who were expecting their issues to be resolved. In such a scenario, they can try the following:

  • Reconnect via Tesla Phone Number: The customers are advised to contact the customer care once again through their official phone number. There is a fair chance that the newly assigned representative will address your issue with a different kind of approach. This increases the chances of getting a better solution to your problem.
  • Tesla Live Chat: The second option available to customers is the Tesla live chat where they can connect to a live agent on their window screen. This option is quite useful in case of emergencies when telephone-lines are not working properly.
  • Contacting the Car company on Social Media: The company is active on various social media platforms like Twitter where the customers can complain about the brand for various car-related issues. Also, you can get in touch with the brand & its products on Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube

Is Helpline Stock Affiliated to Tesla Motors?

Helpline Stock does not have any relationship & affiliation or otherwise endorsed by Tesla Motors. We build issue resolution tools in order to share the information the customer care team of popular automobile corporations such as Tesla, Ford Motors, Toyota, Fiat, BMW, General Motors, Mercedes, Hyundai, Audi, Renault, Chevrolet, and Honda. At Helpline Stock, we provide many shortcuts to our visitors in order to skip those long phone-based conversations with the customer service department of big companies & corporations. Customers also face outdated information from various sources where they are provided unauthentic information from harmful websites. Hence, we provide the latest information to save the time & frustration of the customers and make sure that the information that we provide is updated. In other words, Helpline Stock makes your complaining process much simpler.