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Official Subway Phone Number

Contact Subway Customer Service Team Quickly via Helpline Stock

Subway Customer Service Phone Number

Answers to Some to Most Popular Subway Customer Service Queries

How do I make a complaint to Subway?

You can file a complaint to the Subway Customer Service Representative by dialing their phone number 1 (833) 778-2929. Consumers can also visit the Customer Feedback Form or Tweet Subway on their official Twitter account.

How do I get a refund from Subway?

In case of a mobile order change or cancellation, the company provides a refund in the form of Credits on Subway Card or the Debit/Credit Card used at the time of mobile order. It should be noted that the refunds would not be provided in the cash form.

What is the phone number for Subway?

The easiest way to contact the subway is to contact through its customer service phone number 1 (833) 778-2929 where the company handles various issues related to food & orders.

Know More about Subway & its Customer Service Number

Subway is an American restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwiches & salads. The company is the fastest-growing franchise in the world with over 41 thousand locations in nearly 100 countries. In those 41 thousand locations, half of them are located in the United States. As the brand is very popular in the USA, it receives feedback/complaints/suggestions from all around the country. A special team takes care of those customer-submitted feedbacks & complaints, that can be contacted through Subway Customer Service Number. The team also can be contacted through the feedback form on its official website as well as other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

How Subway Phone Number Helps the Customers?

Fast Food Chains like Subway focus on their customer’s satisfaction. In order to keep them happy, the brand provides them offers & deals from time to time. It makes sure that the food provided at the store is of the best quality. But sometimes, the brand can’t serve all the customers with the best services. Hence, when consumers face some problems with the order or food, the Subway Phone Number is always available for them. It assists customers by:

  • Initiating a refund which is been requested by the Customer
  • Providing required assistance in case of poor quality of food
  • Helping Consumers in case of Online Orders
  • Giving various offers & deals (if available)
  • Assistance with various errors in the final bill
  • Help & Assistance during a delay in the order
  • Providing the details of the nearest Subway store near you

The brand is always there for its customers through Subway Phone Number where the consumers are free to contact the team 24/7. Although, most of the cases registered through the contact number are billing errors, delay in delivery and other minor problems that are fixed by the experts at Subway Helpline Number. Also, the helpdesk team provides offers & deals as well as information from the nearest store.

What to do when Subway Customer Service fails to deliver?

Every brand tries to keep its customers happy in order to maintain its reputation. While a brand like Subway has a special department to handle consumer complaints & queries, there are still some cases where the brand does not stand to its reputation. Although Subway manages to keep most of its customers satisfy, only a few remain unhappy with its customer service. The problem may arise due to a lack of knowledge/experience of the representative on the phone. Sometimes, the issues are from the customer's end only where they are not able to explain their problem properly to them. During such a case, you can try out the following solutions:

Reconnect to the customer service team through Subway Phone Number: If you feel that your voice is not been heard for the first time, then you can try out contacting the Subway Customer service through its phone number. The brand will automatically assign a new live agent to you who would provide you a different solution which increases the chances of getting your issue resolved.

Register a complaint on Social media platforms: Popular food chain brands like Subway are actively present on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. The representative present at the time would provide you the solution that you are looking for. You can also get connected to Subway on its Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts.

Emailing your issue: Another option is to email the brand through its email id link where an agent would answer you back in a short time. Brands like Subway always have a special team for answering queries on emails & other textual conversations. This makes the email is the easiest way to communicate with the brand during a non-emergency case.

Helpline Stock Relations with Subway

Helpline Stock does not have any type of relations or partnership with any food chain brand or company mentioned on this website. Helpline Stock simply provides tools & shortcuts to help the American customers to get in touch with the customer service team of big brands. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to get connected to those brands. Helpline Stock provides details of the contact information of popular food chains like Subway, Pizza Hut, Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King, Taco Bell, Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and other popular food chains. Also, there are many websites that provide incorrect details due to which the consumers waste a lot of time dialing the wrong phone number and contacting the wrong email address. Hence, we make sure that information remains up to date on Helpline Stock in so that people get connected to the Customer Service Department without any hassle.