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  • Landstar Customer Service Information
  • Common Issues faced by Customers
  • Short Notes on Company & its Customer Service Team
  • Tips when Customer Service is not Satisfactory
  • Helpline Stock's Relations with Company

Official Landstar Phone Number

Contact Landstar Customer Service Team Quickly via Helpline Stock

Information about Landstar System & its Phone Number

Landstar System Inc. is a transportation services provider that specializes in third-party logistics. The company provides services throughout the United States as well as between the U.S. and Canada, Mexico and other nearby countries. It has been in business since 1968 and has headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. The trucking company usually receives hundreds of inquiries and phone calls daily. The customers can easily contact the shipping carrier corporation through Landstar Phone Number. The brand also has a special number for its drivers & owners as well. People or customers can contact Landstar on its phone number for all their transportation needs and queries about the company. You can also contact the company on popular social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter or by filling out the form available on its official website.

How Landstar Customer Service helps & assists through its Phone Number?

In the American Trucking industry, various small issues / human errors may be faced both by drivers and customers. Hence, the company has a separate service department to handle those issues or errors by humans on a daily basis. This also makes sure that the company provides required assistance to every customer & driver on every mile. The company also provides solutions like online business management tools, protection plans that are related to medical & legal (optional in nature), and nearby terminals & shops for both the owners & drivers. To its customers, the Landstar Customer Service is available to serve them by:

  • Filing a property damage claim for the customers who are not technically advanced
  • Filing other claims related to various issues like cargo damaged / loss of property
  • Assistance to the driver & owners in various problems during working hours
  • Helping the customers to connect with the driver or the owner
  • Help & Assistance during the case of multiple truckload transportation

Although, in most of the phone calls, people usually need assistance from the transportation company. Out of hundreds of timely calls on Landstar Phone Number, only a few of them usually have a serious issue/problem. The customer service team is always ready to help & assist the people and guide them during such situations. Free to contact the helpdesk through the official Landstar Phone Number for any help related to trucking & transportation.

What can be done if you are not satisfied with Landstar Customer Service?

If you didn’t receive any good suggestions or solutions from the trucking customer care department then there are multiple options for you to choose. Usually, large trucking companies try their best to resolve customer’s issues & problems. The service team at the Landstar Customer Service consists of experts who are trained to solve various trucking-related errors. But, there may be a chance where the live representative does not have the required knowledge or experience to resolve your issue. During such situation you can try out the following:

Contact the customer service department team once again: Reconnecting to the help center is the easiest way in the condition of poor support. Dial Landstar Customer Service Phone Number where the company would make you connected to a new agent. The newly assigned representative can have a completely different approach to your problem.

Email your issue: When you are not able to connect with the service team of the trucking company on an official phone number, then you can ask for help in text form via email conversation from the brand. The brand provides excellent service to answer queries by people. You can mail your issue to the official Landstar Email address.

Ask help from the brand on Social Media: Every popular brand makes its presence on popular social media platforms. The same is with Landstar where people can connect the company on its official Facebook & Twitter accounts. Other than that, you can know more about the trucking company updates & information on its official Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Helpline Stock: Are we related to Landstar in any way?

Helpline Stock and Landstar have no relationship with each other at all. We don’t have any relation or partnership nor affiliated with any of the brands on the website. Neither we take any responsibility for their products & services. Helpline Stock just provides tools & shortcuts to people in order to connect with the customer service department. You can find the contact details of popular trucking brands like Landstar, Werner, Prime Inc, US Xpress, CRST International, Schneider National,  Swift Transportation, Crete Carrier, Roehl Transport, and Knight Transportation.

Internet is full of sources providing wrong information where many websites provide incorrect details like phone numbers & email addresses that are outdated. This makes American consumers waste a lot of time by contacting old & wrong mediums. Hence, we try to keep all the information updated to make sure that it is correct on Helpline Stock. In short, we try to make your complaint process shorter by providing complete details about the customer service department.