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  • DHL Customer Service Information
  • Common Issues faced by Customers
  • Short Notes on Company & its Customer Service Team
  • Tips when Customer Service is not Satisfactory
  • Helpline Stock's Relations with Company

Official DHL Phone Number

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Queries addressed by DHL Customer Service Number

How to track my package?
How to change my address where the package is to be delivered?
Package not delivered even after the notification of been delivered.
How to change the phone number of my account?
How to contact the service team other than DHL Customer Service Number?

A Short Introduction to DHL Customer Service

DHL is an international courier and mail service which delivers 1.3 billion parcels every year. It is a division of German Logistic Company named Deutsche Post DHL which is the largest logistic company in the world. The company works in the United States since 1969 and has a huge customer base all over the country. In order to answer queries to such a large customer base, it has maintained DHL Customer Service team which provides quality assistance to package related problems and issues of their customers. The users just have to dial the DHL Customer service number and an agent would be assigned to resolve the case. Problems like not able to track the order, losing a package, making a shipment, and other package complaints are being addressed by the DHL Customer Care.

Problems Solved through DHL Phone Number

The customer care department resolves various package related problems through DHL phone number. The common problems for which the customers call DHL Phone number are the following:

  • Not able to find status of the order
  • Missing Package Delivery
  • Mistaken DHL delivery
  • “Pending” Delivery status on account
  • Delay in package Delivery
  • Not able to change shipping address at Package Delivery

Along with these problems, there can sometimes problems while working with your account. The DHL Customer Service department is always ready to serve their customers and resolve all the common & high end issues. The agents are always available on the DHL phone number. So whenever you find yourself stuck in between tough situation, feel free to contact DHL Helpdesk and get answers to all your questions.

Tips & Options Available to Contact the DHL Customer Service Department

The members at the DHL Customer Service department are always available for their customers. There are 3 common ways of contacting the Customer care team which are as follows:

  • DHL Customer service number: This is the easiest way to contact the service team where you can tell your issue on phone-based one on one conversation with the live agent assigned to you. Most of the problems are being easily resolved through this medium as the customer just needs to give the details about the problem. The customers are advised to note down the account number before dialing DHL Phone Number as it may be required in order for confirmation purposes.
  • DHL Live Chat: If you are not comfortable on speaking with agent on phone line then this is the best option available to you. The live chat option is also a one on one conversation with a live agent. The only disadvantage of this option is that this process is very slow. The live agent may take a long time to respond to your query.
  • Sending email to customer service team: Sending an email to the team with complete information of your problem is also an option of getting answers to your queries. Generally, the email is been responded quickly by the team until your problem is solved and the case is closed.

HelplineStock relation with the DHL

HelplineStock has no relationship with DHL, company and its services. Nor we are affiliated to DHL. We try to provide tools and information of customer service departments of companies like DHL, FedEx and other package delivering corporations. Our team try to create shortcuts and share it with the DHL customers so that both time & frustration can be saved while contacting their customer care unit. Generally, a phone-based system consumes a lot of time where customers have to wait for the representative. Hence, we make this process shorter by providing them various other options to get in touch with the customer service team.